Read the lesson about fractions on your book.

Look at the photo of Kathy and Mike on your book. Answer the questions below.

Look at the ingredients of a recipe below. Then convert the units.

Read Lesson 2 again. Then write the SI Equivalent of the amounts below.

Read the ingredients of a recipe on your book and do the math!

Listen to “The History of Pound and Ounce”. Then do the quiz with a partner.

Read Lesson 5 about temperature measurement. Then, answer the following questions.

Do the math! Check the “Conversion Formulas” and convert the temperatures.

Read a short text about doneness of a meat and look at a picture of degree of doneness on your book.

Work with a partner. Look at the chart about safe minimum internal temperatures on your book. Ask and answer the questions. Come up with more questions on the topic other than below.

Listen to a dialogue between the guest and the chef. Then answer the questions.