Work with a partner. Ask and answer the questions below.

What are the equipment and utensils for? Write the passive sentences using the words in the box. Click here to to see the functions of the equipment.

Read the description about the industrial kitchen equipment. Match them with the pictures.

Read a text about choosing a right sauté pan. Then fill in the blanks.

Mark as True (T) of False (F).

Type the correct name of the equipment below.

Read the definitions below and write the correct number next to equipment.

Work in pairs and prepare a conversation. Imagine you’re in a commercial kitchen. One of you is a trainee and the other is a chef. The chef introduces the trainee to the equipment in the kitchen. Answer the questions.

Can you write the dimensions and fractional expressions of the other containers by looking at the dimensions of GN 1/1? Click here for some help and to see the full list of GN containers.