Type the fractions below in numbers.

Read the instructions of the “Big Daddy’s Deep Fries Catfish” recipe. After reading it, fill in the blanks under the “Ingredients and Measures”.

See the “Gallagher’s House” recipe on your book. Then convert the amounts of the ingredients in it.

See another recipe called “Hungry Beef’s Rib Roast” on your interactive e-book. Then, convert all the temperatures written in the recipe in Fahrenheit to Celsius.

Look at the units of length on your book. Then write the fractions in text. Remember the writing of fractions in Chapter 11.

Listen to Rachel and her Executive Chef. Then, write the amount of the ingredients in number and in text.

Read the definitions of some verbs on your book. Then, write the correct number next to verbs. Click here to see the full list of kitchen verbs.