Listen to some food items on the interactive book first. Look at their pictures in Chapter 3. Can you put the letters of the food items in the right order?

Listen to the explanations about some food items. Then write their names next to correct number. Click here to see their spellings.

Fill in the gaps with the correct word from the box.

Work in pairs. Listen to a dialogue between a guest and a waiter. After you listen, ask and answer the questions with your partner. Remember to see “the full list of foods commonly served in restaurants” and “sample restaurant menus”.

Select the odd one out. Click here for the full vocabulary list.

Complete the sentences with the words in the box. Remember your “staple foods” knowledge.

Listen to a chef that lists some food items. Then look at the small pictures and try to put the words below in the right order.

Listen to another chef that lists the ingredients of a recipe. Then put the words below in the right order.

Listen to the hints about the foods below. Then match the correct names with the photos (A-E).

Label each picture with the correct word. Then listen and repeat.

Have a look at the food items below and match them with the correct category.

Read the definitions below and write the correct number next to food item.

Read the recipe. Then find the food items matched in the word chains and write them in the table below.