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GastroEnglish is a brand of Rdy & Venus, which operates in corporate education and academic publishing.

GastroEnglishoffers online and offline professional English courses to individuals working in the food & beverage and tourism industries as well as to organizations / companies operating in these fields.

Bringing together teachers who specialize in English teaching and industry professionals, GastroEnglish has a staff of local and foreign instructors.

GastroEnglish also focuses on the printing and distribution of professional English teaching publications for use in education.

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A unique resource for Culinary English teaching. The only “textbook and digital platform” of professional kitchen English.

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To teach professional English to people who will work in the gastronomy industry, which is a global field of work.

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Reaching professional chefs and gastronomy students in all non-English speaking countries.

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Necdet Koç
Co-Founder & Lecturer
Kevin O'Shea
Online English Tutor
R. Yeşim Parlakyıldız

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Necdet Koç
Co-Founder / Lecturer
Kevin O'Shea
English Tutor / Author