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GastroEnglish is a brand of Rdy & Venus, which operates in corporate education and academic publishing.

GastroEnglishoffers online and offline professional English courses to individuals working in the food & beverage and tourism industries as well as to organizations / companies operating in these fields.

Bringing together teachers who specialize in English teaching and industry professionals, GastroEnglish has a staff of local and foreign instructors.

GastroEnglish also focuses on the printing and distribution of professional English teaching publications for use in education.

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“English for Gastronomy Students and Professional Chefs” makes professional English teaching and learning easy.

The one and only work in the field of Culinary English, you can get the book in print and interactive e-book form.
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Rdy & Venus publishes professional English books in other professions as well as culinary English. 

For now, you can order our “English for Tourism” and English for Logistics” books by clicking the button below. Next year, you’ll be able to access many more professional English books.

What Instructors Say

A Unique Resource

A study that deals with all aspects of Gastronomy English. There is no other example in the world.

Wide Range Content

The book touches on every aspect of the kitchen. Apart from the book, there is also a wide range of content on the website.

Easy to Use

It is very easy to use both the website and the interactive e-book. While teaching the lesson, it is possible to easily transfer the content of the book.

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English for Gastronomy Students and Professional Chefs is being used as a reference textbook in73 different universities across Turkey (out of a total of 107 universities with Gastronomy and Cookery Departments) in the 2022 – 2023 academic year.

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